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Back pain is one of the most prevalent complaints among adults in the United States, and up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. At Caring Pain Management, Jinghui Xie, MD, specializes in back pain, helping patients in North and Central New Jersey and New York City find sustainable solutions to restore their quality of life.

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Back Pain Q & A

  • What are the most common causes of back pain?

    Your back is constantly at work as it supports your upper body and provides range of motion. At the heart of your lower back is your lumbar spine, which is made up of five large vertebrae that are surrounded by a network of supportive tissues, including:● Muscles● Tendons● Ligaments● Discs
    In addition to its musculoskeletal role, your lower back is also home to a number of nerve roots that branch out from your lumbar spine, which accounts for some of the reasons why back pain is so prevalent.
    The most common causes of back pain include:● A compressed or pinched nerve, including sciatica● Muscle strain● Degenerative disc disease● Herniated or ruptured disc● Arthritis● Spinal stenosis● Spondylolisthesis● Injury● Osteoporosis
    This list includes both acute and degenerative conditions, but no matter the source of your back pain, the goal at Caring Pain Management is to help you find relief.

  • How is back pain diagnosed?

    After reviewing your symptoms, Dr. Xie at Caring Pain Management typically turns to diagnostic imaging, including in-house X-rays, to get a closer look at your back. If she needs a more detailed view, she may order an MRI or CT scan.

    With this information, Dr. Xie is able to identify the cause of your back pain and get you started on an appropriate treatment plan.

  • What are my treatment options for back pain?

    Dr. Xie at Caring Pain Management prefers to start out conservatively when addressing back pain. She may suggest anti-inflammatory and prescription medications, hot and cold therapies, physical therapy, and rest.
    Should your pain persist, Dr. Xie may turn to more advanced solutions, such as:● Botox injections● Epidural steroid injections● Medications● Spinal cord stimulation● Sympathetic nerve blocks● Vertebroplasty procedures● Trigger point injections
    Ultimately, your treatment depends upon your unique circumstances, and Dr. Xie ensures that you fully understand your options every step of the way. 
    If you require surgery, rest assured that Dr. Xie uses the latest minimally invasive techniques to help speed your recovery and minimize collateral tissue damage.

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