Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections Specialist in North and Central NJ and New York City

Trigger point injections can provide relief for chronic muscle knots and trigger points that don’t respond to conservative treatments. At Caring Pain Management in North and Central New Jersey and New York City, Jinghui Xie, MD, offers trigger point injections to relieve pain and inflammation associated with trigger points so your muscles can relax and heal. 

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Trigger Point Injections Q & A

  • What are trigger point injections?

    Trigger point injections are a type of injection that combines a small amount of anesthetic and steroid medication to relieve pain and inflammation in a trigger point.

    Trigger points may be called adhesions or knots, which form in muscles when the muscle can’t relax properly. This may be due to strenuous workouts, repetitive movements, or overuse injuries. Trigger points often cause chronic muscle pain.

  • How do trigger point injections work?

    Trigger point injections work by introducing an anesthetic — or numbing solution — directly into the trigger point for immediate pain relief. Then the steroid component of the injection is able to take effect and reduce inflammation in the area, allowing the trigger point to heal on its own.

    Trigger points injections may be combined with other therapies, such as soft tissue therapy or electrical stimulation, to help relax the involved muscle, reduce the size of trigger points, and improve the range of motion of the muscle.

  • What conditions can benefit from trigger point injections?

    Trigger point injections are used for a variety of conditions and can be used in many locations throughout the body. Common reasons to get a trigger point injection include:
    ● Chronic muscle pain● Muscle knots that don’t respond to conservative measures● Pain in the arms, legs, back, or neck● Fibromyalgia● Tension headaches● Migraines● Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
    The team can determine if a trigger point injection is right for you during a consultation and physical exam.

  • What should I expect when getting a trigger point injection?

    Once you’re ready to receive a trigger point injection, Dr. Xie at Caring Pain Management cleans your skin with an alcohol swab and may apply a numbing solution to your skin for comfort.

    Next, she uses a sterile syringe to inject the trigger point with the injection solution. Dr. Xie then removes the needle, swabs the area again, and covers it with a bandage. The entire process typically takes less than 10 minutes.

    After your injection, you may notice mild numbness or tingling at the injection site for up to one day. Dr. Xie may recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise or use of the muscle for 24-48 hours.

    Otherwise, you can follow your normal routine. In most cases, trigger point injections take effect immediately to provide pain relief.

To find out if trigger point injections are right for you, call Caring Pain Management or schedule a visit online.

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